Home of Freak Shakes & Creamy Buns

What goes together better than poutine and ice cream? Pretty much nothing — and that’s why we established Hertel Ave Poutine & Cream. We know you loved our poutine dishes at our flagship eatery: Allen Street Poutine, which we launched in 2015. The success we’ve experienced there has been nothing short of amazing (we’d like to thank our many fans and regulars for spreading the word about us). Now, we’ve decided to expand our local footprint with this new venture. Where’d we get the idea for poutine plus ice cream? One of our co-owners, Jake, always liked the idea of French fries dipped in milkshakes. Who can blame him? And so, the idea for Hertel Ave Poutine & Cream evolved from there. And now, it’s the first and only poutinerie and creamery in the area.

We want you to be part of our family, so the next time you’re in share your experience by using #poutineandcream, #eatpoutine, #creamybuns, #freakshakes, or #handcrafted and spread the love!

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