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Kodiaklover5 20 days ago

Buffalo Chicken

this poutine was probably the best poutine i have ever had... and i live in canada and eat a lot of poutine!

Charliesmitty8888 22 days ago

Ice cream Sandwich

Love the Cookie Monster ice cream

Amcdade08 about 1 month ago

Strawberry Shortcake

OMG IT WAS AMAZING even the workers were so nice and especially the poutine fries FIVE STARS

Mhuffman3 about 1 month ago


Absolutely great! Will be back! Definitely my favorite place to go eat.

Carmenhaskins2005 about 1 month ago

Buffalo Chicken

When I say this meal so bomb I was in love Never had nothing Like It ! TRY IT

Sawyeran01 about 2 months ago


I never thought I'd find good poutine in the US, but this eclectic little place proved me wrong - so wrong. They bring a little bit of Canada to Buffalo, making the USA a little more U.S.Eh. But that's not even it! Throw absolutely amazing Instagram-worthy milkshakes into the mix and you have the perfect place to catch a bite. With the atmosphere, friendly staff and all the mouth-watering options on the menu, I cannot recommend this place enough!! What are you doing still reading this, GO GET SOME POUTINE!

Summer.Slomka about 2 months ago

Breakfast Bun

I love the creamy bun idea! The donuts are delicious and warm with the combination of the cold ice cream, it's perfect. The ice cream is made in house and super delicious. I always refer people to come here.

Gord0 2 months ago

The Big D

This is my go to, all the childhood memories of stopping at the golden M, but, tasting so, so much better. I love this place, great to eat in and have a beer or grab and go!

Blippyjane 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken


Nbadding 3 months ago

Birthday Bun

Delicious ice cream flavor! Outstanding combination with the donut. WOULD get again!

Kirsten 3 months ago

Breakfast Burger

I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop in. So glad i did! I got the breakfast burger and it was so good, and big too! Then I got the birthday bun ( donut filled with birthday icecream) it was so delicious! I definitely recommend them!

Total Monkey 3 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

The hamburger is fantastic with a nice cold beer.

Johnloon 4 months ago

Pulled Pork

It's my favorite! I get it 90% of the time that I come here. You can't beat the amount of pulled pork, sausage, and bacon that you get with it!

Lviolino 4 months ago


First I want to say more than the dish that pleased me your worker that was on today 5/16 Jake #2 he said to call him was absolutely amazing! He was beyond a pleasure and one of the best experiences my husband and I had anywhere in a long time!! He is someone that will make your business flourish..he was personable and honestly the best I've had coming in your facility and I've been there quite a bit..I was sad to hear he wouldn't be there long..I told him well I need to let the owner know how amazing you really are and what a breath of fresh air to see when walking into an establishment! You really truly need him to train your staff on how to be with making the food/drinks and I'm general on composing themselves. We would come back more often knowing he would be there. Thank you, and Thank you Jack for a wonderful lunch. -sincerely lindsay & damone.

Samanthaconner35 4 months ago

Baked Potato Poutine

I'm literally always craving their poutine!!! I definitely recommend you go get some and get addicted just like me! You won't regret it!

Dylan 5 months ago

Chicken Quesadilla

Out of all the Poutine I've had from Allen Street Poutine this one is my absolute favorite. Sweet grilled onions, the crisp yet soft green peppers, and the to die for creamy smokey spicy Rancho sauce. The only complaint I have ever had about this poutine is that when I'm done with my bowl I never have enough room for more.

Agles 5 months ago

The Chocolate Mouse

If you love peanut butter and chocolate don't pass on this milkshake. It was amazing!

Griffguy 6 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon cheeseburger poutine. Tasty! Gravy was very nice.

Dankulczyk 21 days ago

General Tao

sooooo good, always awesome service & food

Clemesha60 23 days ago

Nacho Burger

The nacho burger is so good i would recommend it to a lot of people to eat there and get the nacho burger. Everybody very polite and friendly i eat here everyday.

Rubyoddo about 1 month ago


My boyfriend and I recently went to poutine and cream and we got the nachos and two shakes and we absolutely LOVED it. This is the second time we ordered the nachos and we just can't get enough !

Agilley9121 about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork

My go to, simply delicious. Everyone working has the same happy welcoming attitude as this dish!

Guest about 1 month ago


Mpo mmmm

Mimi about 2 months ago

The Chocolate Mouse

I had this for the first time last night and it was wonderful! Messy, but wonderful. The flavor is so great and it will be my #1 go to dessert item. Yum!

Rachel.A.Barich 2 months ago

Four Cheese

This poutine was fabulous!!! As a Canadian I can say the fries were crispy, the gravy perfectly depended but not too salty and a nice amount of cheese including the iconic curds! We also had a chocolate milkshake and a beer and hands down a great end to our night! (Service was also super friendly and very accommodating)

Tayroberts11 3 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Literally the most amazing creation I have ever eaten before! I will be coming back!

Egr8house 3 months ago


This poutine is SO GOOD! A little spicy, but so worth it for the flavor

Kmarchiole 3 months ago


The Cake Shake was so tasty! We come here a lot and each time it is delicious! The people working are so nice too!

Fentondr01 3 months ago

The Chocolate Mouse

This was amazing!! This tops every chocolate peanut butter shake I've ever had! Incredible!

Jamesarkham 3 months ago

General Tao

This was my first visit and the food exceeded expectations. There was sauce from top to bottom. No fry was left behind. The fresh jalapeno peppers on top was a perfect amount of extra spice. I will be back again soon.

Lexy 11 Xoxo 4 months ago


The best poutine combination ever! Well done!

Bianca.Kohli 4 months ago

Vanilla Shake

It was DELICIOUS!!!!!

Brian 4 months ago

Cookie Monster Shake

So tasteful and filling

Abigail 5 months ago


Excellent, I'm actually craving this again, and came here to decide what I'm going to get later!!

Mlgeorge83 5 months ago

Classic Burger

Best burger I've ever had. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Keys1933 11 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

Excellent choice!


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