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Jafranjiffry about 1 month ago

Ice Cream Scoops

One of the best flavored ice creams. Can't wait to try more from here.

Vauxite about 1 month ago


Not a plain jane Poutine. The gravy has a bit more tomato and spice than I'm used to but it was still great.

Clbay439 about 2 months ago

Strawberry Shake

This place is amazing! I always saw those photos and videos online of freak shakes in NYC and now Buffalo's finest has them! Hertel Avenue Poutine and Cream made an amazing freak shake and their customer service was outstanding. I've been here before for poutine (which is delicious). But who would have thought they would also excel in dessert!! I highly recommend!

Ayanajaneelizabeth about 2 months ago

Baked Potato Poutine

It was so good the employees were super nice and I'd definitely come back and try another poutine flavor

Gretchen about 2 months ago


Honest to goodness ...reminds me of eating at my pay house in the 80's. I almost choked up it was sooooo good.

Qclarke04 2 months ago

Cookie Monster Shake

So Good!! its everything you want in a shake: sweet, chocolatey, and there's so much of it! Definitely gonna get another sometime soon

Briana 2 months ago

Philly Cheese Steak

I have eaten a lot of different items on the menu. My favorite is the philly cheese steak poutine but also I love there milkshakes. Red velvet ice cream was amazing but also the unique combinations like raisin rum charcoal.... it's love for your taste buds.

Kodiaklover5 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

this poutine was probably the best poutine i have ever had... and i live in canada and eat a lot of poutine!

Charliesmitty8888 3 months ago

Ice cream Sandwich

Love the Cookie Monster ice cream

Amcdade08 3 months ago

Strawberry Shortcake

OMG IT WAS AMAZING even the workers were so nice and especially the poutine fries FIVE STARS

Mhuffman3 3 months ago


Absolutely great! Will be back! Definitely my favorite place to go eat.

Carmenhaskins2005 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken

When I say this meal so bomb I was in love Never had nothing Like It ! TRY IT

Sawyeran01 4 months ago


I never thought I'd find good poutine in the US, but this eclectic little place proved me wrong - so wrong. They bring a little bit of Canada to Buffalo, making the USA a little more U.S.Eh. But that's not even it! Throw absolutely amazing Instagram-worthy milkshakes into the mix and you have the perfect place to catch a bite. With the atmosphere, friendly staff and all the mouth-watering options on the menu, I cannot recommend this place enough!! What are you doing still reading this, GO GET SOME POUTINE!

Summer 4 months ago

Breakfast Bun

I love the creamy bun idea! The donuts are delicious and warm with the combination of the cold ice cream, it's perfect. The ice cream is made in house and super delicious. I always refer people to come here.

Gord0 4 months ago

The Big D

This is my go to, all the childhood memories of stopping at the golden M, but, tasting so, so much better. I love this place, great to eat in and have a beer or grab and go!

Blippyjane 5 months ago

Buffalo Chicken


Claudio about 1 month ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

You don't want to miss this burger. The bun is toasted, the cheese is perfectly melted, the patty is perfectly sized. It's the kind of burger you admire for its looks before you eat, and it'll make you say "that was a great burger" afterwards.

Miadhoque about 1 month ago


Love it, crazy delicious combo that satisfies that comfort food crave.

Taradeboth135 about 2 months ago

The Chocolate Mouse

this menu item is delicious as well as aesthetically pleasing. probably the best milkshake I've ever had!!

Gretchen about 2 months ago

Montreal Smoked Meat

I would marry this if I could. They sometimes run out but sooo worth waiting or coming back later in the day for. One of the best tasting briskets outside of Montreal.

Melissad2207 about 2 months ago

Pulled Pork

I stumbled across this place! Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to bring the kids down to try this! Great job!

Ryan 2 months ago


I just moved to Buffalo a month ago and this place was the second restaurant that I went to. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I have revisited the restaurant at least 3-4 times and tried different dishes each time. I crave this restaurant at least once a day now, but I visit weekly to try something new. My most recent experience I tried the stinger and it was the best dish I tried so far! The buffalo sauce is on point and makes the dish just the right amount of hot. On a side note, the two guys that are always behind the counter were, and continue to be super helpful and recommended some great beers while I was in. I'm not much of a beer person, but the beers on tap are really good. Overall, I enjoy coming to the Poutine Co once a week and look forward to bringing my friends and family there when they come to visit! 10/10 Would recommend!

Jibreelford 2 months ago

Baked Potato Poutine

Incredibly well done. Will order again.

Dankulczyk 3 months ago

General Tao

sooooo good, always awesome service & food

Clemesha60 3 months ago

Nacho Burger

The nacho burger is so good i would recommend it to a lot of people to eat there and get the nacho burger. Everybody very polite and friendly i eat here everyday.

Rubyoddo 3 months ago


My boyfriend and I recently went to poutine and cream and we got the nachos and two shakes and we absolutely LOVED it. This is the second time we ordered the nachos and we just can't get enough !

Agilley9121 3 months ago

Pulled Pork

My go to, simply delicious. Everyone working has the same happy welcoming attitude as this dish!

Guest 3 months ago


Mpo mmmm

Mimi 4 months ago

The Chocolate Mouse

I had this for the first time last night and it was wonderful! Messy, but wonderful. The flavor is so great and it will be my #1 go to dessert item. Yum!

Rachel 4 months ago

Four Cheese

This poutine was fabulous!!! As a Canadian I can say the fries were crispy, the gravy perfectly depended but not too salty and a nice amount of cheese including the iconic curds! We also had a chocolate milkshake and a beer and hands down a great end to our night! (Service was also super friendly and very accommodating)

Tayroberts11 5 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Literally the most amazing creation I have ever eaten before! I will be coming back!


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